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Prices quoted are for a 24 hour hire




charged as a 24 hour hire


2 - 3 days

charged as 1.5 days hire


4 - 6 days

charged as 2 days hire


7 - 9 days

charged as 3 days hire


10 - 13 days

charged as 4.0 days hire


14 – 20 days

charged as 5 days hire


21 – 27 days

charged as 6 days hire


The description of all equipment catalogued is for guidance only. It may well be that the actual colour, style, dimensions or capacity of a particular item hired could vary in shade, pattern, size or volume from that given.

In addition to the hire charges a refundable deposit is required. The deposit, less the replacement cost of breakages or losses, is returned by post after authorised staff at our storeroom have checked the equipment. Where the deposit is not sufficient to cover the replacement cost the hirer is liable for the balance.

Payment in full is required to be made at the commencement of the hire. A delivery will not be carried out until payment in full has been received.

A cancelation fee of £25 will be incurred for any orders cancelled 1 week before the event date. A fee of 50% of the hiring cost will be incurred for any orders cancel within 7 days of the event.

Orders can not be changed or reduced once the driver has left our depo. With except to items having be confirmed to be faultly by the driver. 

If the Customer fails to make any payment in full on the due date the Supplier may charge the Customer interest (both before and after judgment/decree) on the amount unpaid at the rate implied by law under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (where applicable) or at the rate of 4% above the base rate from time to time of the Supplier’s bank whichever is higher.

All cheques presented in payment for a hire of equipment must be supported by a valid bank guarantee card. A cheque drawn on a private business account marked as "trading as" is considered to be a personal cheque and is treated as such. The only exception to this ruling would be if:

  1. * The cheque is drawn on the bank account of a registered limited company or
  2. * The cheque is received ten days prior to the commencement of the hire.
Before any equipment is released to the hirer we shall require to see two means of identification, namely:-


We reserve the right to change any price without the need to give prior notice.

A comprehensive list of conditions can be found on the back of the quote and / or invoice.

The person who signs the invoice becomes responsible for the items while on hire, and we may seek outstanding payment(s) and breakages from him/her.


A delivery and collection service is available. We can arrange for an order that has been placed with us to be taken anywhere in the United Kingdom. Competitive quotes are available on request.


Cleaning Services

All equipment is dispatched from our storeroom clean and ready to use. The hire charges are based on the assumption that the equipment will be returned to us clean and dry. This facilitates the subsequent cleaning and packaging of the equipment in preparation of future use.

Please note that SILVER, COPPER & STAINLESS STEEL equipment should be rinsed in soapy water only. On return to our storeroom we will attempt to remove any stubborn stains. On no account should scouring pads or abrasive powders be used which could result in permanent damage to the equipment.

If you wish to send back soiled equipment you do so on the understanding that a cleaning charge will be levied, cleaning service quotation provided on request..


We hold the security deposit for linen hire until the linen has been treated with appropriate programmes. Non-standard wash programmes will be charged to our customer. Linen that can not be successfully cleaned or repaired for less than the cost of the item will be replaced at the cost of the customer.

1. Linen must not be returned in plastic bags if they are wet. Damage resulting from mildew or other stains that do not respond to standard laundering will be charged at full replacement cost.

2. When laundry bags have been supplied these must be used for the soiled linen after use.

3. Shortages and damages to hired goods will be charged at their full replacement value (details of which are available on request). No substitute item will be accepted by the Owner. Damaged goods include those that have sustained burns, scorches, tears, defacement, concrete, ink and earth stains

4. Goods that are returned with candle wax will treated with an appropriate wash programme. A charge will be made for this. If the goods do not respond to this programme, the hirer will be charged the full replacement cost.

5. The Hirer may request the return of any damaged goods within 7 working days of being informed of any such damage. After that period all such items shall be disposed of. Any hired/rented items lost or  damaged, with the exception of fair wear and tear, will be charged to our customer at the replacement price in force at that date

6. All goods must be left in a dry and secure location at all times.

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